LED Flashing Screen Light Box

Animated Light Box

Lattice Back-lit Light Box

Edge-lit Light Box

LED Flashing Poster

Light Guide Panel Poster

Magic Mirror Light Box

Dual Head Emergency Light

Emergency Exit Sign

Emergency Ceiling Light

Emergency Power Supply Box

LED Tube Bracket with Emergency Battery

Artbright Technology Industry Co.,Ltd

Artbright Technology Industry Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in researching and manufacturing “LED lighting, LED photoelectric advertising products”. Artbright Technology has been keeping on absorbing professional and well-educated R&D technicians since our foundation in 2001 until now. We have already built a strong R&D team and they are focusing on high-quality products all the time. With their untied cooperation and persistent efforts,we have achieved the leading position in the field of “LED lighting and LED photoelectric advertising products”

15 years of experience

Established in 2001, Artbright has been focusing on developing

Pioneer of Animated Light Box

Artbright is the pioneer of flashing animated light box techno

Market Sales Leader

Artbright is the market sales leader of emergency lighting ind

National High-tech Enterprise

Artbright pays great attention to product innovation. We becom

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