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  • Foshan Library--Emergency Lighting Case


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    Foshan library has always been a big cultural landscape, is not only the palace of good scholars to study diligently, is also the guests often visit at home and abroad, and over the years, foshan library dedicated to perfecting and upgrading the reader service and reading promotion, create a "joint of foshan library", "south forum", "new book borrowing place", "intelligent library", "the second generation id card no deposit lending services", such as a number of cultural brand and service measures, based on its elegant reading environment, the consummation service, the rich cultural activities, lead the nationwide reading into the public welfare, barrier-free, zero threshold era, was awarded the "national level library", "national culture advanced unit", "national civilized library", "national reading popularize advanced unit" and so on many honors, become the most influential and appeal of foshan city of public cultural institutions.

    Relevant Case
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